Cover Story

A Man of Soul and Reflection

By Casandra de Masi
Fall 2017, Vol 9 N°4

A sense of tranquility blankets the city in the early morning of a holiday Monday. But the tone changes once one sets foot into Gregory Charles' office – the Groupe Musique Greg team is alive and bustling with creativity and passion...

Hope for a Healthier Quebec

By Jason Santerre
Summer 2017, Vol 9 N°3

She's our most famous nutritionist. For nearly two decades now, Isabelle Huot, whether on television, radio or in print, has preached the virtues of healthy eating. The registered dietician, best-selling author, and entrepreneur sat down with us to discuss her career, the challenges women face in today's workforce, and simple ways Quebecers can eat better...

Montreal's grand prix prince

By Jason Santerre
Spring 2017, Vol 9 N°2

Way back in 1997, Jacques Villeneuve became the first (and last) Canadian driver to claim the Formula 1 title. Montreal’s Lance Stroll was born a year after that crowning achievement...

Quebec’s Beauty Queen

By Jason Santerre
Winter 2017, Vol 9 N°1

Few neighbourhoods have felt the effects of the economic rollercoaster in this province like Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. Despite a recent influx of young, working professionals and signs of gentrification, “HoMa” remains a working- class neighbourhood with the scrappy charm of an underdog. It’s hard not to cheer for the “little quartier that could.” And it’s hard not to cheer for one of its most famous former denizens...

Family Matters

By Jason Santerre
Fall 2016, Vol 8 N°4

Family and hockey. They go together like sticks and pucks. One is lost without the other. Ask just about any professional hockey player about their road to the NHL, and many well up with tears detailing the sacrifices made by parents and siblings to help them achieve their ultimate goal...

Chantal Petitclerc

By Jason Santerre
Summer 2016, Vol 8 N°3

At the tender age of 13, Chantal Petitclerc lost the use of her legs. She did not withdraw from life. She embraced every day. A stubborn nature, competitive spirit, and strong support system helped her push past any restraints of disability...

Didier Drogba

By Jason Santerre
Spring 2016, Vol 8 N°2

If you happened to be flying out of Montreal last July 29, we won’t blame you if, for a split second, you thought the circus had just landed at Trudeau Airport. The arrival lounge was a vibrating mass of people chanting, drumming, and singing. This was a welcome fit for the Ivory Coast’s football legend, Didier Drogba...

If All The World's a Stage

By Jason Santerre
Winter 2016, Vol 8 N°1

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts...

Montreal’s Masked Man

By Jason Santerre
Fall 2015, Vol 7 N°4

Family. It’s a weighty word, a concept carrying considerable connotations. We’re lucky if, within a lifetime, we manage to build a family based on blood relations, lifelong friends or even teammates. Russell Martin understands these complexities. Proof is right there in his name: Russell Nathan Jeanson Coltrane Martin Jr...

The New CHUM to welcome its first patients

Summer 2015, Vol 7 N°3

In one year, practically to the day, the new CHUM will open its doors to its first p atients. W ith c onstruction 8 0% complete, teams are working hard. Since the end of April, the hospital towers have gone up rapidly at the corner...

Sister Act

By Jason Santerre
Summer 2015, Vol 7 N°3

It’s a lovely February day in Sochi. The first Olympic medal event for freestyle skiing is underway. Skiers are judged not only on their time and handling of myriad moguls but how they tackle two mandatory jumps as well. Seven judges award a max of 30 points...

Our Dude, Full of Grace

By Jason Santerre
Spring 2015, Vol 7 N°3

Was it him noshing on Matzo ball soup at Snowdon Deli? Could it have been him savouring gravy and chicken at Chalet BBQ? Was it really him shuffling through Trenholme Park, hands in pockets with wild wavy hair bouncing in the breeze?...

Our Tower of Song

By Jason Santerre
Winter 2015, Vol 7 N°1

The day his father died, Leonard Cohen buried the first piece of prose he ever wrote. “He cut open one of his bow ties, sewed a message into it then buried it in the garden behind his home,” writes Ira B. Nadel in...

Tag, He’s It!

By Jason Santerre
Fall 2014, Vol 6 N°4

It’s a 340-kilometre-per-hour gauntlet of endurance—both mental and physical— run over 800 kilometres of blacktop pitting man against machine against other men in machines built for death-defying feats of speed and manoeuvrability. This is not a sport for everyone. With ice water in his veins and a daredevil’s heart, Alex Tagliani is the perfect pilot whether he’s sliding behind the wheel of a Ferrari Grand-Am GT, Honda IndyCar or his #18 Dodge Challenger...

All the Right Moves

By Jason Santerre
Fall 2014, Vol 6 N°4

If you’ve passed the corner of de la Gauchetière and Peel between 7 and 10 a.m. in recent weeks, you were treated to quite the spectacle. Equipped with a blue uniform, ball cap, white gloves and whistle, said spectacle is hard to miss. But don’t stare too long. You just might cause a fender bender, the last thing you or officer Julian Bach wants to see...

Go, Genie, Go!

By Marcia Frost
Summer 2014, Vol 6 N°3

After causing a stir at the Australian Open in the beginning of 2014, Montreal’s Eugenie Bouchard quickly climbed up the professional tennis ranks. Bouchard became the first Canadian since Carling Bassett in 1984 to make it to the semi-finals of a major...

Sweet Success

By Jason Santerre
Spring 2014, Vol 6 N°2

You’ve probably never heard of Samir Khullar. But if you’re a native Montrealer born in the 1970s, you have plenty in common with Mr. Khullar. For one, you remember the last two Stanley Cup wins in 1986 and 1993. You also remember that extraordinary Expos team in 1994. You’ll never forget the Referendum of 1995. And you both have your share of jokes about...

Snow Queen

By Jason Santerre
Winter 2014, Vol 6 N°1

Snowboard Cross, or SBX to the cool kids, debuted as a winter event at the 2006 Olympics in Turin. To the uninitiated, SBX looks like a high-speed death wish. For the best riders in the world it’s all about defying gravity and besting not only your opponents but the elements as well. It’s a display of dexterity and grace racing down a specially built course of twists, turns, jumps, and varied terrain....

The Good Doctor

By Sylvie Arvanitakis
Winter 2014, Vol 6 N°1

If you drew a line tracking Dr. Joanne Liu’s journey around the globe with Médecins sans Frontières (MSF), the line would be long, winding and eventually lead to the medical humanitarian organization’s headquarters in Geneva. During just the last week of September, Dr. Liu flew across the Atlantic to become MSF’s new international president—only the second Canadian in MSF’s history. But first, she had a stopover in Calgary where she ...

The Superstar Subban Family

By Jason Santerre
Fall 2013, Vol 5 N°4

As hockey mad Quebeckers, we don’t need much convincing that hockey is a special sport. Our love for the game on ice goes beyond that sublime combination of finesse, grit and an 82-game grind. It’s about blood and the ties that bind. Off the ice and behind the scenes, hockey is entrenched in family. From carpooling and organizing bake sales to coaching peewee or just getting the kids out of bed in time for pre-dawn practice, most pro skaters owe their careers to Mom and Dad and the sacrifices they made...

Our Eye in the Sky - From here to the stars: astronaut julie payette offers a unique perspective

By Jason Santerre
Summer 2013, Vol 5 N°3

Last December, astronaut Chris Hadfield took off for the International Space Station and during his five-month mission among the stars, he kept the world updated via a kind of diary on Facebook: One small step for social media, one giant leap for NASA into modern times. Over a decade earlier, and six years before Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook, Montreal’s Julie Payette travelled six million kilometres and orbited Earth 153 times to make her own kind of history...

Golden Molson - Meet Geoff: Businessman, hockey dad, proud Montrealer

By Jason Santerre
Spring 2013, Vol 5 N°2

Take one historic hockey team, add the country’s oldest brewery and multiply that by 227 years spent helping build a city along the shores of the St. Lawrence, and you get a very distinguished family tree. The Molson family’s roots run deep here. So it’s with a mix of awe and intrigue that your faithful editor finds himself in Geoff Molson’s corner office atop the Bell Centre...

In Conversation with Mitsou Gélinas

By Jason Santerre
Summer 2012, Vol 4 N°3

She entered our lives on the television screen as a pop ingénue. Now, 25 years later, she’s a working mother of two. Everyone grows up, and Mitsou Gélinas is no different, except she did all of her growing up in the public eye. With maturity comes responsibility, a desire to give back...

The 8 Sides of Georges St-Pierre

By Jason Santerre
Spring 2012, Vol 4 N°2

He makes a living inside the brutal, bloody environs of an octagonal ring, but in an exclusive chat with Montréal enSanté magazine, Georges St-Pierre proves he’s much more than an Ultimate Fighting Championship athlete. A complex competitor and an intense individual, he’s become a role model for anyone who’s had to fight for what they believe in...

The Ripple Effect

By Olivia Feste
Summer 2011, Vol 3 N°3

Guy Laliberté—fire-eater, stilt-walker, accordionist—started up the Cirque du Soleil in 1984. The infamous circus act took off like a clown shot from a canon—with a bang, to a crowd full of awe. Over a span of almost 30 years, the Cirque singlehandedly redefined circus arts with its spectacles of death-defying acrobatics and its transcendent acts of beauty...


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