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Summer 2020, Vol 12 N°3

Whether you've been bound to the confines of an apartment, a house or your basement in an attempt to escape restless children, one thing is for sure: Quarantine has put a damper on your summer plans. But physical limitations don't mean limits on health and happiness. Here are some DIY projects to keep active, buoyant and serene within the boundaries of your home...

Breaking the Cycle

By Natallia Staravoitava
Spring 2020, Vol 12 N°2

“You can meet the nicest guy who treats you like a queen, but have no clue who he really is,” reveals Nina, whose partner became physically violent toward her after two years of dating. “The worst was the psychological abuse. I felt like...not myself. Zero confidence, scared of talking.”...

Boomer Café

By P. A. Sévigny
Winter 2020, Vol 12 N°1

With an hour to go before lunchtime, Victoria Leblanc is busy setting tables for Monday’s Boomer Café. Located in the Montreal West United Church, it doesn’t take long before a low happy hum fills the room as patrons begin to trickle in and fill the chairs...

Let’s Dance

By Natallia Staravoitava
Fall 2019, Vol 11 N°4

Move to the right, move to the left. Don’t be shy! Each of us started dancing at a very young age. Actually, you weren’t even born yet as you grooved to the beat in your mama’s belly. “People are often shy because they think they can’t dance since they are not dancers, but everybody is a dancer. You look into the history of humankind and we have always danced, so it is somewhere within us,” says Amy Éloïse Mailloux, acting manager of the National Centre for Dance Therapy (NCDT)...

Bits & Bites

Summer 2019, Vol 11 N°3

Do you avoid social situations? You’d rather eat your cravat and become one with the wallpaper than force a smile and shake hands with a stranger. Brace yourself: recent studies show that small talk might actually be good for you....

Kanien'kéha Revival

By Jason Santerre
Spring 2019, Vol 11 N°2

Karihwiióstha Callie Montour is 29 and works as a nurse’s aide at the Kateri Memorial Hospital Center. In 2012, she graduated with distinction from Concordia University with a B.A. in child studies with a focus on children with special needs. Her brothers are autistic, so it’s no surprise to learn one of her main interests is helping people with special needs. She also hosts a radio show transmitted from Kahnawake. The show focuses on keeping Kanien'kéha, or Mohawk, alive...

Francis Bouillon - Still Going Strong

Winter 2019, Vol 11 N°1

Francis Bouillon is one of the lucky ones. He’s one of the few among us to live out his childhood dream. How many of us can say that? For 11 NHL seasons, Mr. Bouillon played for his childhood heroes, the Montreal Canadiens...

Third Eye Open

By Jason Santerre
Fall 2018, Vol 10 N°4

As a kid, I wanted to be a diplomat and change the world," says Chris Dyer, his mass of long dreadlocks pulled back to reveal a handsome, angular face that looks younger than its 39 years. "But I was always the best in art class, so I decided to follow that path and change the world through art. All I knew for sure was that I didn't want to be a cog in the machine. I am an artist, an ambassador for my community."...

Pool or Petri Dish?

By George M. Withers
Summer 2018, Vol 10 N°3

It’s hot. Keep cool. Make the kids happy with a few hours of splashing around at the neighbourhood pool. With 48 indoor and 74 outdoor pools to choose from across the city, you could hypothetically take a dip in a different pool every day of summer vacation...

Bits & Bites

Printemps 2018, Vol 10 N°2

If you suffer from acute anxiety, unfamiliar tasks probably fill you with dread and even panic. Researchers at Michigan State University suggest keeping a journal. The idea is to simply write down all of your fears a few minutes before a worrisome task presents itself ...

Bits & Bites

Winter 2018, Vol 10 N°1

Recent research shows kissing frequency correlates with relationship satisfaction. More kissing equals a better bond, and not just between lips. Researchers showed that the amount a couple kissed was proportional to their stated level of relationship satisfaction...

La Maison Bleue

By Jason Santerre
Fall 2017, Vol 9 N°4

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Whoever “they” are must have studied the Maison Bleue model of health care. “We welcome families and help them at their most vulnerable,” says Sarah Pisanu, Maison Bleue’s director of operations. The “we” she mentions can include a family doctor, midwife, social worker, specialized educator and more...

Weekend Getaway

By Jason Santerre
Summer 2017, Vol 9 N°3

Summer. Around here, it’s just another word for thawing wintry bones and getting back to nature. Luckily, the island of Montreal is surrounded by trees, lakes, rivers, and rolling hills — nature in its many incarnations...

Boost Fuel Efficiency

With editorial assistance from Jaguar Land Rover Laval
Spring 2017, Vol 9 N°2

Fuel-efficient driving techniques help save Canadians hundreds of dollars each year, improve road safety, prevent unnecessary wear on your vehicle, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 25 percent...

The Future is Green

By Jason Santerre
Winter 2017, Vol 9 N°1

Marc-André Roy has green-coloured glasses. The president of Sotramont real-estate development has a mandate to build LEED-certified structures that stand the test of time. Mr. Roy sees energy efficient, sustainable developments as not only good for the planet but good for business, too. And that’s good news for everyone...

Plant Life

By P. J. Ellison
Fall 2016, Vol 8 N°4

When I rented my first apartment, Mom insisted I take a couple spider plants and her favourite fern. “This way, you’re not living alone,” she said. And she meant it. Houseplants won’t ask you how your day was or make you brunch in bed. But potted plants listen, they never judge (Is he really staying over? A full bottle of wine? On a Wednesday?), they clear the air (literally), and lend life to what might otherwise be a drab 3 and 1/2...

Protecting the Environment

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Summer 2016, Vol 8 N°3

Respecting the environment is crucial and one of the everyday concerns of milk producers. The climate and health of the ecosystem have an effect on the abundance and quality of the hay, grain and corn that is produced to feed dairy herds...

14 Ways to Green Your Home

By Jason Santerre
Spring 2016, Vol 8 N°2

With Earth Day around thecorner (April 22), take a stand and make the greenest footprint you can. Start at home. Set an example for everyone in your apartment building, condo complex, or your neighbourhood by adopting as many eco improvements as possible...

Smiles All Around

By Jason Santerre
Spring 2015, Vol 7 N°2

Coping with a debilitating disease or with a day-to-day existence in spite of a terminal illness is testament to a person’s inner strength. But when a child manages a smile or even a laugh in the face of sickness, it’s a display of immeasurable courage...

Frugal Gourmet

By Robert Beauchamps
Fall 2014, Vol 6 N°4

Wasting food. We’re all guilty of it. The David Suzuki Foundation claims the average single-family household tosses over 275 kilos of perfectly good food each year. Not only are we wasting food that’s both perfectly eatable and edible, we’re burning myriad natural resources that go into producing every ounce of our food — from the farm to the grocery aisle to your dinner plate. So here’s my list of tips to help trim waste, save a few bucks, and even add some flavour. Bon appétit and good conscience!...

Sky Garden

By Jason Santerre
Spring 2013, Vol 6 N°2

Rooftops represent about 30 percent of a city’s surface area and yet, according to a report published by the Globe & Mail, less than 10 percent of Canada’s commercial roofs can support the weight of a greenhouse farm. That’s too bad. Not only can they help feed a city by providing fresh, locally grown produce, they provide...

Urban Gardening

By George M. Withers
Spring 2013, Vol 5 N°2

Go green in the garden. Not as simple as it sounds.

Killing Them Softly
A healthy garden breeds fewer weeds and attracts fewer pests, whether of the four- or sixlegged variety. Every gardener, regardless of the hue of their thumb, encounters rascally roots and pesky pests. Instead of reaching for harsh herbicides, many of which are banned in this province, try a spray bottle filled with one-part vinegar and three-parts water. Flat cola will also do the trick...

Green With Desire - Enjoy better sex with a clear eco–conscience

By Jason Santerre
Spring 2012, Vol 4 N°2

You drive a hybrid vehicle. You always put trash in its place: in the trash bin. You are so eco-conscious, you even compost all of those kitchen scraps and rarely print out any emails...

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