To the Extreme

By Jason Santerre
Summer 2017, Vol 9 N°3

Oiled up men writhing on the ground, grabbing each other by their leather pants. Homo-erotic daydream? Yes. And no. It’s part and parcel to a mucho macho match-up that just happens to be Turkey’s national sport. Yagli Gures, or oil wrestling, is serious. Anything that’s 700 years old and a descendant of an elite brigade of soldiers during the Ottoman Empire is serious....

Run, Lady. Run.

By P. J. Ellison
Spring 2017, Vol 9 N°2

My New Year’s resolution? Run. How original, right? And I know January 1st was a while ago now, but in my defense, I waited for warmer weather. More importantly, I wanted to speak with the experts, some of whom have thousands of kilometres under their water-bottle belts. Here’s what I learned...

Fit at 50 and Beyond

By P. J. Ellison
Winter 2017, Vol 9 N°1

Slower metabolism. Weaker bones. Loss of muscle mass. And like Leonard Cohen once crooned, “I ache in the places where I used to play.” Maybe it takes a bit longer for the soreness to subside, but that’s no reason to stop “playing.” After the age of 50, staying physically active is as important as ever....

To the Extreme

By Jason Santerre
Fall 2016, Vol 8 N°4

Goat Games
Buzkashi, the name of Afghanistan’s national sport, translates into something like goat grabbing. Laugh if you must, but here is a sport with centuries’ worth of history played by men who are more warrior than athlete. The object of the game is to do just as the name implies: grab a goat. Don’t worry, it’s very much dead. Now carry the goat carcass across the goal line. Sounds easy enough. But sounds are deceiving. Not only must you carry said lifeless form you must do so with your legs while riding horseback and with several other riders trying many tricks to get your goat...

Fitness Through Your Ages

By Tina Kissavos
Summer 2016, Vol 8 N°3

Your 20s are a perfect age to try new exercises that focus on core strength, work on flexibility, and become well rounded physically. Women in their 20s are finishing school or working long hours or both. A strong core improves posture when slumping over a desk all day. During this period, the body is at its cardiovascular peak and able to bounce back fairly quickly from injury and overtraining. It also reacts more speedily to exercise and nutrition plans. This, of course, is due to a faster metabolism when estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, human growth hormone, and thyroid hormone are working in harmony...

Series of the Century

By Jason Santerre
Summer 2016, Vol 8 N°3

If you’re Canadian and over the age of 50, chances are you remember where you were and whom you were with on September 2, 1972. That’s the day the puck dropped on the Summit Series pitting Canada versus Russia. Finally, the undisputed super power of hockey would be crowned...

Fuel the Burn

By Robert Beauchamps
Spring 2016, Vol 8 N°2

Sure, that slice of pepperoni pizza in the window of your favourite neighbourhood Italian eatery looks like gastronomic greatness, but you should really just keep walking. Do your body a favour. Hold off on the fast-food fix post workout...

Walk Before You Run

By P. J. Ellison
Spring 2016, Vol 8 N°2

If you’re like me, you do a lot of running in winter. You run from the car to the apartment door. You run from the door of the Metro station to the office door. And at night you run the circuit all over again, doing your best to avoid even a speck of snow, sleet, or slush...

Staying Active

By Tina Kissavos
Winter 2016, Vol 8 N°1

In my teenage years, the word retirement conjured images of lying in a hammock, cocktail in hand, by the beach. I wondered if every hard-earned workday would lead me to pure relaxation. Retirement means different things for different people: freedom to travel, to take on more social activities, or to spend time with the family. The stories I love to hear are from people who retire from a life of sitting behind a desk and create a new life whereby they get up, move, and exercise more...

Healing Powers of Water

By Jason Santerre
Fall 2015, Vol 7 N°4

Before they can leave Earth’s atmosphere, astronauts spend hundreds of hours training underwater. Why? There’s no water in space. But the water here on Earth does mimic the weightlessness of space whereby a 90-kilo man or heavy piece of machinery can move with ease...

Hellions on Wheels

By Jason Santerre
Summer 2015, Vol 7 N°3

The next time you drive through Lincoln, Nebraska, take a break from the blur of cornfields rushing past and stretch your legs inside the National Museum of Roller Skating. Take in the roller derby exhibit and you’ll see that, although it’s a modern sport, it has a rich history rooted in feminism...

Never too Young to Sweat

By Tina Kissavos
Spring 2015, Vol 7 N°2

In my younger days, my mother could barely keep me inside the house. If I wasn’t riding my bicycle, I was climbing a hill, cheering in a squad, doing flips in gymnastics or roller skating with friends, but one way or another, I was active...

Hydration Hype

By George M. Withers
Spring 2015, Vol 7 N°2

Every fitness guru agrees: Proper hydration during physical activity is essential to make the most of any workout. But amid all the hype about fluids that refuel, there’s a grey zone when it comes to facts...

Gym Gems

By Robert Beauchamp
Winter 2015, Vol 7 N°1

Keep it fresh and interesting. That’s a tall order at the gym, especially if, like me, you’ve got a drawer full of expired membership cards. I am not a pro trainer nor do I consider myself a muscle-mad gym rat. But I do have some simple tips to add a twist or two to your routine...

Building Muscle @ Home

By Micaela Whitworth
Fall 2014, Vol 6 N°4

Juggling the responsibilities of a fulltime job and a family can often make it difficult to find the time and motivation for the gym. According to one study, the average monthly attendance of a gym member is only 4.3 times per month. With yearly membership fees reaching $1,000 mark, you might as well quit making promises of going back to the gym and invest your money in a more permanent solution: your own home gym...

Every Body’s Different

By Micaela Whitworth
Summer 2014, Vol 6 N°3

Women come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you’re shaped like a banana, apple, pear, or hourglass, understanding your body type can help you achieve a workout plan better suited to your individual figure...

Getting Personal

By Micaela Whitworth
Spring 2014, Vol 6 N°2

Hiring a qualified personal trainer is a valuable investment toward reaching fitness goals. But what credentials should you look for? How much should a session cost? Is a trainer versed in a specialty area like geriatrics or pre-natal, for example? With so many questions, it can be difficult to find the right match. Here’s what to look for before...

Dance to Health

By Jason Santerre
Winter 2014, Vol 6 N°1

"Movement never lies,” said Martha Graham, a maven of motion and pioneer in modern dance. “Movement is a barometer telling the state of the soul’s weather to all who can...”

Fuel-Good Food

By P.J. Ellison
Fall 2013, Vol 5 N°4

So many scientific studies, so little time. But for the more athletically inclined, here’s one to note: A change in diet can change your metabolism and brain chemistry, ultimately affecting your energy level and mood. So eating right means happier, more frequent exercise, which can only lead to more happy, frequent exercise. Certain foods can raise energy levels by supplying calories and by pushing your body to burn calories more efficiently. And Mom was right: Don’t ever skip breakfast...

Work Out @ Work

By Micaela Whitworth
Fall 2013, Vol 5 N°4

Sitting for a long, uninterrupted period of time is linked to cardiovascular disease, obesity, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and abnormal cholesterol levels. Unfortunately, for most of us, a typical day consists of sitting on our butts an average of 10 to 12 hours...

Sweating For Real - A bootcamp gives both you & your workout a serious boost

By Jason Santerre
Summer 2013, Vol 5 N°3

After two years of jogging in winter and cycling in summer, I needed to change gears. I needed a workout re-boot. A friend recommended bootcamp. “Put your conditioning level to the test and maybe even take it up a notch while you’re at it,” she said...

Step to It - Walk, climb and take the stairs toward fitness

By Micaela Whitworth
Summer 2013, Vol 5 N°3

Unless you have a physical ailment that prevents you from stair climbing, you may want to step it up this summer and start the climb toward better health. According to a 2000 study published in Preventative Medicine, climbing stairs for as little as 10 minutes a day resulted in increased energy and stamina while decreasing body fat and blood pressure...


By Micaela Whitworth
Spring 2013, Vol 5 N°2

Three fun, easy exercises to boost bedroom performance.
Everyone knows the positive benefits that regular exercise can provide. But there might be one motivating factor you’ve missed, something to entice (arouse?) you enough to put down that copy of 50 Shades of Grey and lace up your sneakers instead: Regular exercise can lead to an improved sex life...

Winter On The Brink
Winter 2012, Vol 4 N°1

Weather the winter months with a little ice time. From figure-skating to curling, there’s a classic rink sport with your name on it. Consider the season the gliding age...

Changing Gears

By Hartley Butler George
Winter 2011, Vol 3 N°1

When winter rolls around, most people leave their bikes in the garage and hit the gym for their cardio fix. For others, the biking season never ends...

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