Get the Squeeze on Juicing

Forget fad diets & complement a healthy lifestyle with real, fresh juice

By George M. Withers

Who would have thought something as simple as blended fruits and vegetables would make so many headlines? One camp of nutritionists and dieticians agrees that juicing offers a lowfat, nutrient-rich energy jolt. The camp of skeptics suggests that juice is not a suitable meal replacement. Liquefied fruit is quickly digested, which can lead to extremehunger, in turn, serious overeating and even binging.

So, the question remains: To juice or not to juice?

If you ask Anim Swart, the answer depends on your personal health goals. Anim (pronounced awe-nim) owns and operates Gaia Wellness, a provider of fresh fruit and vegetable juices to the island of Montreal. “It’s about balance,” she says. “Balancing healthy choices to recharge and to rejuvenate your body so you can reach your optimal health goals.”

That’s exactly what one of Anim’s clients did. Stephanie Ventura tried a “juice cleanse” for five days. “The cleanse is not a diet per se,” says Stephanie. “I drank green juice (kale, spinach, mint, cucumber mixed with ginger) during the day and ate a big salad with a palm-sized portion of protein at night.” Research shows that adding protein helps preserve muscle mass during weight loss.

“Our juices are cold-pressed,” says Anim, a certified Nd naturopath. “This means fresher juices that last up to three days.” A quality juice made without any additives or preservatives gives you a boost that keeps boosting. “Quality, fresh produce alkalizes and energizes you,” she says. “It gives you that natural ‘high’ that just keeps going.”

For Stephanie, reaching for real, fresh vegetable and fruit blends was about more than just boosting energy and cleansing, it was about a lifestyle makeover. “I was at the point in my life where I knew I had to try something different.” She says she took a leap (leaf?) of faith and turned to a professional like Anim. Today, Stephanie is not only 40 pounds lighter after 10 weeks of “juicing”, she feels more robust in her everyday life.

Stephanie is not alone. Juicer sales rose 71% according to market researchers, NPD Group. And you can’t walk 50 feet downtown without stumbling onto a smoothie stand. But before you give it a whirl in the blender, like anything you plan on consuming, it’s important to consult a physician before integrating all-out juicing into your diet.

This can help prevent any negative food and drug interactions. For instance, large amounts of foods that are high in vitamin K, such as kale and spinach, may change how an anti- blood-clotting medication works. That’s food—and juice—for thought. To find out more about Anim’s philosophy about juice and your overall health.

Detox The System
Cleanse? Detox? What’s the story? Anim says that, essentially, both achieve the same thing in that they take juicing to the next level. “Juicing is an unstructured method that yields results, whereas a juice cleanse or detox is a more structured plan with faster and longer-lasting results.” Moreover, cleanses can increase everything from immunity system function and thyroid function to boost energy and release endorphins.

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