Green With Desire

Enjoy better sex with a clear eco–conscience

By Jason Santerre

You recycle every day.

You drive a hybrid vehicle. You always put trash in its place: in the trash bin. You are so eco-conscious, you even compost all of those kitchen scraps and rarely print out any emails. So the question is, why aren’t you going green in the bedroom? It’s easier than ever before. So before your next hot date, libidinous layover or romantic getaway, here are a few items to consider.

Toys For Tree Huggers

According to a 2001 CBC report, the North American sex toy market is a $500-million-per-year industry. That’s a lot of cheap plastic, rubber and PVC. And that’s a concern to the Canadian Cancer Society who feels there is the possibility of increased risk of cancer related to exposure to some phthalates found in said plastic products (see sidebar). Opt for glass, metal and silicone products.

Condom Conundrum

A condom is always a good idea. Always. They help prevent unwanted pregnancy and a host of STDs. But if worrying about the environment is ruining the mood, take comfort (and pleasure) with certified vegan condoms. These plant-based prophylactics are made from natural rubber latex and thistle extract. There are a handful of brands out there with a Triple P rating: Pleasure, Protection, Peace of mind.

There are also lambskin condoms, which are not only biodegradable, they can be used with oil-based lubricants, unlike latex condoms. The one turn-off, though, is that they do not prevent the transmission of disease.

Organic Lube

As you would with any personal care product, going as natural as possible with your choice of sexual lubricant is a good way to go. Organic massage oil is often multi-purpose. Rub it in with a clear conscience and lift away more stress in knowing you’re using fewer artificial scents, flavours and colours. This also takes the guesswork out of what your partner’s preferences are or if he or she has allergies.

Sexy Surplus

Feeling fair yet frisky? Give the gift of fair-trade chocolate or a bottle of biodynamic champagne. Bamboo bed sheets and lingerie are a great choice when thinking Earth-friendly, too. Not only is bamboo a more durable textile, it uses few chemicals in the processing or growing stages.

These gifts will not only help you score big points, they just might help you, well, score. And when morning comes, top off a great night of “green sex” with a shower—for two! Water-conservation never felt so sassy.

Hard to Pronounce, Harder to Avoid

Phthalates (THA-lates) are a group of chemicals known as “plasticizers” that help make plastic softer and more flexible. Unfortunately, they are found everywhere in almost every thing, including sex toys. Fortunately, both the European Union and the U.S. have recently banned certain phthalates used to make children’s toys. Adults should be cautious with their toys, too. suggests placing a condom over any suspicious dildo or similar object destined for insertion into the body.

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