Healing Waters

Hydrotherapy can do wonders for your health, not to mention your libido

By Susan Campbell

Healthful Benefits

The practice of “taking the waters” to heal dates back to 5th century B.C., a therapy promoted by Greek physician Hippocrates. It was much later that Nordic and Scandinavian cultures added the cold shock of plunging into icy water or simply rolling in the snow after a hot soak, sauna or steam.

Later, as hot tubs became more popular throughout North America, spas added comprehensive hydrotherapy circuits to promote additional health treatments on their menus. To benefit best from this practice, one is supposed to alternate between hot and cold therapies over a course of many hours. Being the cold-water chickens that we are, many of us opt for a lot more hot than cold.

But even a brief dip into an icy pool after a hot soak will result in the desired effects, which include increased blood circulation, improved elasticity of the skin, stimulated cardiovascular function, and flushing of toxins. Wrapping up in a soothing, quiet space afterward not only helps your pulse and body temperature return to normal, it is ultimately relaxing and a perfect escape from our often stress-filled existence.

Relationship Rewards

If you’re feeling disconnected as a couple, nothing will get you closer to your significant other than submersing together in a steamy whirlpool or standing hand-in-hand under a hot, pulsing waterfall. The ensuing shock of the cold dipping pool will surely bring you even closer together as you cling to each other for warmth.

Later, as you lie back, wrapped in towels in the calming “quiet rooms” together, you will have no choice but to whisper sweet nothings since these spaces do not allow for conversation. Communicate with only your eyes and your fingers.


Why not try some of these water circuits with your special someone this spring? There are some wonderful water circuits right here, in the city, at spas offering stand-alone access passes that include use of saunas, steam rooms, lounges, and quiet rooms.

Spa Strom :

Set on a lovely little lake and surrounded by nature on Nun’s Island, literally five minutes from downtown. This sprawling, multi-level water circuit includes a hot and cold waterfall, indoor and outdoor fire pits and plenty of private outdoor palapas (thatched-roof, open-sided structure) for a romantic couples’ massage.
Visit: www.stromspa.com

Bota Bota :

This offbeat venue is a reconditioned ferry boat permanently docked in the Old Port. They have two different hot tub decks overlooking the action of Old Montreal and an interesting array of inside porthole rooms and cold dipping pools.
Visit: www.botabota.ca

Spa scandinave:

This is a perfect choice in inclement weather since this intimate pool, waterfall and relaxation circuit is all indoors. Moreover, it’s located sub-sidewalk level in a restored building in the heart of Old Montreal.
Visit: www.scandinave.com

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