Ageless Romantic

Ageless Romantic

Love long & prosper: never too old for romance

By P. J. Ellison

Forced into early retirement? Grandkids never visit? Well, at least you have your health.

It’s a familiar refrain, and the older we get the more we hear it. But even the most hardy and hale existence is hardly worth living if it lacks love. Several studies suggest that health and a healthy love life go hand in hand . . . like Antony & Cleopatra, Bonnie & Clyde, cupid and his arrows.

As couples age—children leave the nest, post-retirement boredom sets, ailments add up—passions inevitably cool and desires dwindle. Moreover, the rate of seniors divorcing has doubled in recent years, according to Statistics Canada.

So what happens post divorce? Adult children often have a difficult time accepting a parent who jumps back into the dating pool. Said jump is scary enough, but without the support of family, it can be paralyzing. Never fear. The water’s not that scary, and it’s teeming with fish. See below for some valid points:



  • There are dozens of dating sites for people aged 55+
  • Three words: Retirement. Home. Romance. Single men and women living under one roof? Do the math!
  • Divorced more than once? Well, practice makes perfect
  • Love lowers blood pressure and stress while boosting your immune system
  • Better sex = better heart: a 20-year-long British study shows that men who had sex two or more times a week cut their chances of heart attack in half
  • Love is not exclusive to the young, the fit, the healthy or even the hunks and bombshells among us. Find and cherish love wherever and whenever it enters the room, your arms. Love long and prosper!

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