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Outrunning Diabetes

By Jason Santerre
Fall 2014, Vol 6 N°4

On November 14, 1891, in the small farming community of Alliston, Ontario, Frederick Banting was born. Exactly 123 years later, Sébastien Sasseville will complete his cross-Canada marathon in Vancouver...

Coughs? Sneezes? Aches?

By Dr Mitch Shulman
Fall 2014, Vol 6 N°4

Alfred* and Nathalie* entered the emergency room with their three-year-old son, Sam*. Both parents complained of 48 hours of fever (up to 39 C) with sore throat, runny nose and cough. Seven days earlier, Sam, who attended day care, had similar symptoms. They had taken Sam to his paediatrician who told them their son had a viral cold for which there is no specific therapy: fluids, acetaminophen, and time...

Knocks on the Knee

By Dr Mitch Shulman
Summer 2014, Vol 6 N°3

Aline*, a 30-year-old recreational tennis player, entered the emergency room hobbling on her left leg and supported by her partner. I could already guess what was wrong. Women participating in sports featuring sudden stops and starts like basketball, tennis, and soccer have as much as five times greater risk of injuring their Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) than men ...

She’s Having a Tumour

By Kim Segal
Summer 2014, Vol 6 N°3

My uterine fibroid and I had a long history together. The story began with on again off again bladder pressure and urinating frequency. But as years passed, and every urine culture came back negative, it was clear that more indepth analysis was necessary ...

Weird Allergies

By Robert Beauchamps
Summer 2014, Vol 6 N°3

There’s no such thing as a good allergy. But if your only allergy is pet dander, consider yourself lucky as you consider the following ...

When a Child Becomes a Stranger

By Kelly O’Donnell
Spring 2014, Vol 6 N°2

PANDAS. Unlike the cute, fuzzy bear that shares its name, this is a paediatric disorder that causes sudden and severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). There’s also the possibility of a child who has recently contracted a ...

From Bad Chairs to Strong Cheese

By P. J. Ellison
Spring 2014, Vol 6 N°2

You’re fully hydrated, your teenager turned down the Megadeth CD, and it’s still weeks away from allergy season. So why the blinding headache? Consider these triggers next time you can’t wrap your mind around the cause or ...

Ageless Romantic

By P. J. Ellison
Winter 2014, Vol 6 N°1

Forced into early retirement? Grandkids never visit? Well, at least you have your ...

Dyslexia: a surmountable obstacle

By Brigitte Blanchard
Winter 2014, Vol 6 N°1

The art of making science accessible to the layman comes naturally to Charles Tisseyre, who for the last 25 years has been host of the Radio-Canada show Découverte. This ability to educate in a clear and entertaining manner was acquired with the help of some excellent teachers who continued to believe in him and nurture his love of science despite his dyslexia. Montréal en Santé recently had the chance to sit down with Charles Tisseyre and chat about how he overcame his ...

Creature Comforts

By George M. Withers
Fall 2013, Vol 5 N°4

War is hell. And few people understand that better than the medics and nurses attending to wounded soldiers on the front lines. Sometimes, injured men had to suffer for days in the field before receiving any medical attention. By that time, wounds festered and the risk of gangrene became a reality...

Mustache Mania

By P. J. Ellison
Fall 2013, Vol 5 N°4

There are so few things a man can grow to grab a woman’s attention. Muscles? Maybe. A vegetable garden? Sure. Women like to eat. But there’s just something about a well-groomed moustache with panache that woos women. Well, some women...

Long May You Run - This summer, travel well & travel safe

By George M. Withers
Summer 2013, Vol 5 N°3

Some of the world's most spectacular destinations can be home to some of the world's nastiest bugs. Yellow fever, malaria, hepatitis, dysentery—all of these can strike international travelers. The MUHC Clinic for Tropical Diseases alone treats over 1,200 people every year. Protection comes with education. Learn what vaccines or health precautions are advisable for your destination. Give vaccines time to take effect. See your doctor or travel clinic four to six weeks before your trip...

Get the Squeeze on Juicing - Forget fad diets & complement a healthy lifestyle with real, fresh juice

By George M. Withers
Summer 2013, Vol 5 N°3

Who would have thought something as simple as blended fruits and vegetables would make so many headlines? One camp of nutritionists and dieticians agrees that juicing offers a lowfat, nutrient-rich energy jolt. The camp of skeptics suggests that juice is not a suitable meal replacement. Liquefied fruit is quickly digested, which can lead to extremehunger, in turn, serious overeating and even binging...

Ectopic Emergency Pregnancy - When a fertilized egg implants itself outside the uterus

By Dr Mitch Shulman
Summer 2013, Vol 5 N°3

Jessica*, a 23-year-old woman, was brought to the emergency room by Urgences-santé technicians. Jessica had just entered triage when she was rushed to one of the resuscitation beds because she was in such severe pain, her blood pressure was dangerously low and her heart was racing...

The Facts on Fad Diets - A shortcut to obesity?

By Eva Chanda
Summer 2013, Vol 5 N°3

In 400 BC, when the first ancient Greek asked, “Does this toga make my butt look fat?” the iconic physician Hippocrates advised eating in moderation, along with taking oily foods as laxatives, having seawater enemas, vomiting after lunch, and exercising naked. Are today’s diet crazes any better?...

Libido Lifts

By P. J. Ellison
Spring 2013, Vol 5 N°2

Some easy, natural ways to get back in the mood.
With six months of winter, half of them without the distraction of hockey or much sunlight, it’s safe to presume Canadians had a lot more sex in the last half of 2012. Um, no. Turns out the only thing we’re doing more of is making excuses to avoid sexual intimacy...

Healing Waters: Hydrotherapy can do wonders for your health, not to mention your libido

By Susan Campbell
Spring 2012, Vol 4 N°2

Healthful Benefits
The practice of “taking the waters” to heal dates back to 5th century B.C., a therapy promoted by Greek physician Hippocrates. It was much later that Nordic and Scandinavian cultures added the cold shock of plunging into icy water or simply rolling in the snow after a hot soak, sauna or steam...

Ditch That Winter Itch

By Lisa Sookraj & Georgia Lee
Winter 2012, Vol 4 N°1

It’s not just the cold weather that makes our skin chap and chafe in the wintertime. The high-low combo of January’s minus-40 degree temperatures and Montreal’s overheated buildings together dehydrate our tender epidermis...

Handle with Care: Traumatic Brain Injuries

By Angela Marion Lee
Fall 2011, Vol 3 N°4

A soft, gray mass of tangled nerve tissue contained in the cranium, the brain is the control centre of the body, its fragility evident when a traumatic injury disrupts both physical and cognitive function, the degree of which can only be determined by prompt, precise and prescriptive medical intervention...

Losing Sleep?

By Ian Orti
Fall 2010, Vol 2 N°4

The lucky ones in life will spend a third of their lives doing it. Sleep is good for us, it accentuates the growth and rejuvenation of the immune, nervous, skeletal and muscular systems. And even when we think of all the things we could accomplish if we could skip our bedtimes, we look forward to drifting off each night, and we are often loathe to wake...

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