Wonder Women

Letter from the Associate Editor

By Sabrina Jonas

Between frolicking in the meadows, cooking five-course meals for my breadwinning husband and bearing more babies than I have limbs, I somehow found time to write this introduction to Montréal enSanté’s annual women’s issue. It covers the significant paradigm shift in women’s roles.

From caretakers to inventors; dreamers to doers — we’ve come a long way from kind and matronly. We are taking up more space in government (emphasis on “taking”), seizing control of our reproductive rights, and understanding that femininity is our strength, not our weakness.

Although we’ve faced barriers and continue to defy adversities unmet by our male counterparts — oppression, sexism, wage disparity, gender biases, and sexual assault, to name a few — the resilience of women runs deeper than rejection of societal restraints. Our bodies are pretty tough, too.

Firstly, we can literally grow people inside of us along with a whole new organ (the placenta.) But from pregnancy to the delivery room is no easy task. The cardiovascular system, kidneys, skin, hormones, hair, fingernails and more are all afflicted, not to mention our organs are rearranged and our vagina is stretched. No wonder it’s called the miracle of birth.

What’s more, studies suggest our senses of sight and smell are stronger than our male counterparts. A study out of Brooklyn College showed women are better at discriminating between colours than men, and research shows women have a stronger sense of smell that gets even better just before or during ovulation.

Ladies — we even survive better. The World Health Organization says women live about six to eight years longer than men. Partly because we are less likely to engage in reckless behaviour, and because our bodies may have an innate ability to fight off disease and infection.

In this issue, we celebrate the multiple feats of women and their bodies while redefining the term “ladylike” itself. Stunt woman to the stars Sharlène Royer kicks ass for a living; female farmers get down and dirty in the fields; a new definition of “sexy” is introduced.

The tide is turning for women. Surf’s up!


Spring 2020, Vol 12 N°2

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Women’s Health

Spring 2020
Vol 12 N°2

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Sabrina Jonas Letter from the Associate Editor

Sabrina Jonas

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