Hope at the End of the Rainbow

Letter from the Associate Editor

By Sabrina Jonas

Throughout our 12 years of publishing Montréal enSanté, we have been committed to keeping our readers informed and healthy. Each quarterly issue is loaded with medical news, expert advice, and in-depth cover stories featuring Quebec vedettes.

This quarter, however, we thank and highlight the work done by the heroes amid the COVID-19 pandemic: our frontline healthcare and essential service workers who are fighting the battle against the virus and ensuring continued care and safety for Quebecers. We dedicate this issue to the Faces of the Fight Against COVID-19.

We also bring you stories of hope, resiliency and collaboration: Companies and manufacturers switching gears and banding together to create personal protective equipment and hand sanitizer; teachers going the extra mile to make e-learning not only feasible, but effective; neighbours volunteering to do grocery runs for our most vulnerable citizens. Seldom have I felt the pride I feel today toward Quebecers who are doing their part in taking responsibility for each other.

With that, I acknowledge the hardship, agony and grief felt by much of our city's population. If you're not infected with COVID-19, you are affected by it and we support and grieve with all those who have lost loved ones and friends, and we pay homage to those disproportionately affected in CHSLDs around Montreal. Age does not determine merit, and our hearts go out to all residents who felt and continue to feel otherwise.

To those who, like me, can only see their family members through phone screens or glass doors; to those who lost their job and received insufficient aid; to those who celebrated their birthday over Zoom, postponed their wedding, grappled with a cancelled prom — we support you. You are not alone. COVID-19 is not only a health crisis, it's a mental health crisis ravaging the globe. Maintaining social bonds and staying connected, if only virtually, is the best antidote we've got... so far.

Along with frontline healthcare and essential service workers, we would like to thank our advertisers and long-time supporters. Thanks to your continued support, a portion of the revenues from this issue will be going back to local Montreal hospitals.

We will not soon forget the storm Quebecers and Canadians have weathered together due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But remember, big storms birth big rainbows. Ça va bien aller, Montreal.


Summer 2020, Vol 12 N°3

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Summer 2020
Vol 12 N°3

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Sabrina Jonas Letter from the Associate Editor

Sabrina Jonas

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