Defining the 'New Normal'

Letter from the Associate Editor

By Sabrina Jonas

Before I break down what the future holds for us post-COVID-19, let me just gas up my DeLorean. Yes, the truth of the matter is that no one knows what sort of reality awaits us in the wake of the pandemic, not even Doc himself.

Will we ever shake hands again? Will masks become a staple in the fashion world? Will we ever return to the life we had before January? One thing is for sure: There's nothing normal about our new life, but it's up to us to define it.

Let's start with how we interact with each other. We were starved of human interaction for months on end. Health officials are finally giving us the green light to gather where social distancing is manageable. Whether we regress to our days of isolation is up to us.

While restrictions ease, the virus has yet to be contained. Safety measures like frequent handwashing, wearing masks, and social distancing should remain no matter how close the colder months attempt to push us together, in packed metro carts or crammed caf├ęs.

There's no doubt we're tired. I know I am. The novelty of working in pyjamas has worn off; multi-person Zoom calls beyond meetings are obsolete; and we've exhausted every bread recipe Pinterest has to offer.

Allow yourself to acknowledge and feel the life-altering shift we're meant to call "normal." Continue to grieve for those you've lost to COVID-19 as people, not just shocking statistics; scroll through Google images of the vacation that might have been this summer; be inquisitive about what your child's school is doing to protect them.

Our lives have been upended by COVID-19, but we're finding our footing in the familiar: The leaves are still changing; walk through the foliage like you do every fall, feeling the crunch of the season under your feet. Prepare for the family squabbles during the holidays that are sure to be extra festive this year. Get that overpriced pumpkin-spiced latte that we all know isn't going anywhere.

In this year's Family Issue, we highlight the fundamentals of health and happiness that start with togetherness in a city that's never been closer despite being kept apart.

Take comfort in knowing some norms will never change.


Fall 2020, Vol 12 N°4

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Fall 2020
Vol 12 N°4

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Sabrina Jonas Letter from the Associate Editor

Sabrina Jonas

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