Hope Springs Forth

By Jason Santerre, Editor

With thoughts of val-d’espoir

Every February 2, Fred la marmotte interrupts his hibernation to cast (or not to cast) his shadow upon the aptly named Val-d'Espoir in the Gaspé. Hope. It’s what everyone feels as Fred emerges, wriggling his tiny black nose at the frosted ground.

Fred did NOT see his shadow this Groundhog Day, which all but guarantees an abrupt end to winter, right? Well, as I write this, it’s the first week of March and it’s cold, windy, and grey with plenty of snow on the ground.

What if Fred’s wrong?

Someone in Val-d'Espoir gets a new fur hat.

Kidding! Fred’s a celebrity with many years of prognostication ahead of him. But isn’t it strange how, in this age of satellites cluttering the skies, we put faith in folklore?

Maybe it’s because faith is about hope, and hope is rooted in something more human, something that goes beyond anything science provides. Maybe not.

All I know for sure is that hope springs eternal every February 2nd. Fingers crossed and cross your heart and hope to see signs of spring by March 20th.

I remember a March sojourn to San Diego a few years back. I tried to describe the effects that first, true, warm spring day can have on our city, that unbridled giddiness washing over every outdoor patio and café.

Blank stares.

No wonder. Few native San Diegans have ever touched snow let alone walked through a blizzard blowing ice, sleet, and snow all at the same time. When all you know is a climate that fluctuates between “stupid hot” to “well, at least it’s a dry heat,” you see warm weather as a given.

As a Montrealer, I feel lucky to know winter.

No, it’s not seasonal affective disorder talking. I truly believe winter toughens us up. Winter keeps us humble, keeps us appreciating every second of summers that fly by faster than the first robin of spring.

So please don’t waste a minute. Leave the car at home as often as possible. Get moving. Take the kids. Explore the city by sidewalk and bike path. Cherish the best city to be in come summer.


Spring 2018, Vol 10 N°2

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Spring 2018
Vol 10 N°2

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