Hello, Me. I’m You

By Jason Santerre, Editor-in-Chief

Over my last 21 years as a journalist, I’ve interviewed a vast assortment of humans, from athletes and actors to musicians and authors to farmers and politicians. One open-ended question I like to ask many of them is this: If you could go back in time, what would older you say to younger you?

For the sake of filling space and having a little fun on a workday, I thought I’d look in a mirror (hey there, handsome) and ask myself, what would 46-year-old you say to 16-year-old you?

Don’t worry, younger me. You will get over girlfriend X. Put your life savings on the Habs winning the Cup in ’93. Would I lie to me? Don’t leave home that one fateful night in August of 1997. You’ll know what I’m talking about. And buy every Apple stock in sight before the year 2000.

Good stuff. But considering the platform we’re on here, I should keep the advice to health and wellness.

First thing: Don't ignore the core! Six-pack abs? Forget it. It’s just not in the cards, buddy, neither genetically nor in terms of life goals. But core strength is vital. After all, the core is made up of myriad muscles involved in almost every movement your body can make. Use it or lose it!

Second. Stretch both body and brain every day. Write this down: Before you head out on any journey — the treadmill, the bike path, the hiking trail — stretch! You’ll thank me by the time we hit 35. As for brain stretches, think books, crossword puzzles, riddles, board games, checkers and chess. You’ll thank me by the time we hit 75.

Last one. Patience is a virtue. Don’t roll your eyes at me, me. You’re young. You want to get there yesterday. You want to speed through high school so you can leave home and find your independent self. Next thing you know, you’re praying for the workweek to fly by, the weekend to arrive, those three weeks in Europe to just get here already.

Before you know it, the next day is actually your last day.

So sit back for a second. Take a breath. Enjoy the here and now. Savour that breakfast, the book, your walk home, her smile, flowers, the ride.

Keep going, and see you soon enough.


Spring 2019, Vol 11 N°2

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Women’s Health

Spring 2019
Vol 11 N°2

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