By Jason Santerre, Editor

What Happens When You “Google” Women

I conducted an experiment, one that ties in with our summer issue’s theme that celebrates all that is women. I wanted to know what would happen if I entered “Women” as the keyword in a web search.

So I “Googled” women. I know. It sounds shady, like something your teenage son might do. But it was all in the name of sociology. After all, it’s been a challenging year for women on many fronts. I wanted to test the internet’s mood, so to speak, and see what was floating out there in the ether of cyberspace.

Here’s what the first page of my search results looked like:

Woman - Wikipedia “A woman is a female human . . .”
Get the basics down first. I can appreciate that.

Sexy Women: Photos and Videos of Hot Celebrities
I’m surprised this wasn’t the first entry.

Women | The Guardian: “Latest Women news, comments and analysis from the Guardian, the world’s leading liberal voice”
Here’s a page brimming with hard news pertaining to women, and from a legitimate and respected news’ source, too. Wow. Click on the link and find stories covering the female experience regardless of religion, geography, economic status, and age.

The Women (2008) – A comedy about a wealthy New Yorker wrestling with the decision to leave her cheating husband
Never heard of this one. Probably a sign.

Women-Maxim: Hot swimsuit model goes swimming with sharks and it doesn’t go well
Of course! Click bait at its best. Swimsuit models? Check. Sharks? Check. Put them together and your web page is guaranteed millions of views. Up next? Lingerie models piggybacking pandas.

28 Sexist Donald trump Quotes
Only 28? Shocking.

Why Women Aren’t Funny | Vanity Fair
I know plenty of women who know how to tell a joke as well as they can take a joke. This headline will not make them smile, but it might make them laugh. Pure click bait . . . and not even a good article, which is a shame when you consider the source.

Why is Silicon Valley so awful to women? – The Atlantic
The easy answer? It’s sexist. And maybe it has something to do with the long held belief that women score low on math and science exams. It’s not that simple. For years, girls and young women were discouraged from pursuing science as a career. And now The Atlantic suggests there’s an epidemic of sexism and misogyny in the Valley: “Indeed, a recent survey found that nearly all of the 200-plus senior women in tech who responded had experienced sexist interactions.”

Women For Women International: Home
At least the first page of searches ends on a high note. Women For Women International helps women in war-torn countries by offering support, tools, and access to life-changing skills to move from crisis and poverty to stability and economic self-sufficiency.

Note: This experiment was conducted a week prior to the release of Wonder Woman, an astounding success in theatres around the globe. One headline reads: “Wonder Woman Smashes Box Office Sales, Glass Ceiling.” The fact that a woman directed the blockbuster can only help make positive changes in Hollywood, which hopefully spills over into popular culture. This should be a small but meaningful shift toward true equality. We can hope.


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