A glass of fresh juice. Not tomato juice. This is not a Bloody Mary morning.

When the Party’s Over

Rehydrate and rejuvenate with these hangover helpers

By Robert Beauchamps

“Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages,” said the inventor of pasteurization. Louis Pasteur gave the world his namesake process of stopping wine (and milk and beer) from causing sickness. No doubt the “sommelier of science” would approve of the science behind some of my personal and proven methods of preventing sickness the morning after a night of overindulgence.

First things first, sip some of Nature’s sports drink, coconut water. Rehydrate the shell of a human you once were. Restore essential electrolytes lost like so many memories from last night.

Next up? A glass of fresh juice. Not tomato juice. This is not a Bloody Mary morning. Who do you think you are, Willie Nelson? Grapefruit juice is best. But it might be too acidic for your stomach. Try apple or orange juice. Both help detoxify the liver and are easily digestible, which means they go straight to your bloodstream, helping to rejuvenate a broken soul.

Next up? Delete those photos. Check your texts. Erase any evidence that last night’s debauchery ever happened. Then crack the cider. Apple cider vinegar, that is. ACV helps rebalance the body’s pH and boosts your lowered levels of magnesium, sodium and calcium. I like to mix ginger, raw honey, and a tablespoon of ACV into a half litre of water. No need to thank me now. Time to cat-nap, Tiger.

Okay. Time to eat something solid. Sort of. Bananas burst with potassium, something that helps replenish the depleted stores of an alcohol-ravaged body. And if they’re gentle on a baby’s digestive system, then they’re gentle enough for a party animal like you. Feeling better? Queasiness subsiding and rehydration in full effect? All systems go. Now crack some eggs. Eggs contain cysteine, a magical substance that breaks down the alcohol-induced toxin that causes hangovers.

Lunchtime. Okay, you’ve made it this far. Now it’s time for a bowl of chicken broth. The aforementioned cysteine in chicken helps the liver work efficiently while the broth works to rehydrate your body and restore sodium levels. Hey, you’re starting to look human again.

Now it’s time to sweat the rest of those toxins out. I like to work in some gentle exercise at this point in my recovery. A brisk 20-minute walk will suffice, as long as you raise your heartbeat and actually perspire for a while. After a shower, you’ll feel (and smell) a lot better.

Now it’s time for “the talk.” Next time you decide to relive your college days and drink like it’s 1999, call me! Kidding . . . What I really mean to say is: plan ahead. Pair your wine, beer or sprits with snacks. Protein, especially something with a little bit of fat in it, helps build a booze-absorbing base. For every three drinks, down a glass of water. Sure, it doubles your visits to the bathroom but you’ll cut your recovery time in half.


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