Francis Bouillon - Still Going Strong

How a former NHL defenseman defends against flu


Francis Bouillon is one of the lucky ones. He’s one of the few among us to live out his childhood dream. How many of us can say that? For 11 NHL seasons, Mr. Bouillon played for his childhood heroes, the Montreal Canadiens.

“I grew up wearing the sweater, playing street hockey with my friends in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve,” he says. “To make the team, undrafted, and play my way without compromise, that was a dream come true for sure.” Indeed, what Mr. Bouillon lacked in size, he made up for in tenacity and grit, never taking a shift off.

These days, Mr. Bouillon is a player development coach for his beloved organization. He says the job involves a lot of travel, meeting with junior players and young prospects around the globe. “I help them with whatever they need to get ready for the next level. I show them what it takes to be a pro.”

Part of being a pro is running the gauntlet of airports, hotel rooms, and rinks. Plus, one must play at a high level for 82 games. All of that can leave an athlete depleted and vulnerable to viruses. “I always tell the young guys, make sure to get enough rest, eat well, and stay hydrated.”

As the spokesman for COLD-FX, Mr. Bouillon recommends the product to the players in his charge. It not only helps reduce the severity of cold and flu symptoms, it speeds recovery.

Once a virus takes hold in the dressing room, it can cripple an entire team in no time. “That’s why trainers in the Canadiens’ locker room have used COLD-FX for years,” says Mr. Bouillon. “I used it while I was playing and I still do.”


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