Toning with Tina

Three chair exercises

By Tina Kissavos

If gymtimidation has you putting off exercise, you can kiss that excuse goodbye! All you need is a chair in the comfort of your own home to get a full body, strengthening workout. All levels of fitness can benefit from the following three moves guaranteed to engage your muscles. Perform each move for 15 repetitions and repeat the sequence two to three times for an excellent workout anywhere.

Chair Pistol Squat
Improve your balance and strengthen your lower body with this simple yet challenging exercise. Stand in front of the chair with one foot planted firmly on the ground. Elevate the other leg and tighten your glutes to hold your balance. Gently sit back on the seat of the chair, and without using momentum, press into your heel and lift yourself back up again. [Modification: Hold onto something for balance. The higher the chair, the easier the movement.]

Incline Push Ups
This upper body exercise primarily targets the chest muscles and can be done on just about any elevated and stable surface. Position your chair securely against a wall and place your hands on the edge of the seat, directly below your shoulders. Step back to form a straight diagonal line from your head to your feet. Inhale as you bend your elbows and slowly lower your chest towards the chair. Exhale and slowly push your body back up again until your elbows are extended. [Modification: Place your knees on the floor.]

Step Ups
Taking the stairs, climbing a hill and walking over tall objects are all close relatives of the ‘step up’. This functional exercise is a great way to maintain strength for everyday activities. Step onto the seat of a sturdy chair, putting pressure on the heel of your foot. Then step up with your opposite leg to meet the first. Gently step off and repeat.

It’s never too late; you’re never too old to start exercising. Grab a chair and get moving!

Check out this exclusive video for a demonstration of all the moves mentioned above.


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