Gym Gems

Tricks & tips for neophytes to veterans

By Robert Beauchamp

Keep it fresh and interesting. That’s a tall order at the gym, especially if, like me, you’ve got a drawer full of expired membership cards. I am not a pro trainer nor do I consider myself a muscle-mad gym rat. But I do have some simple tips to add a twist or two to your routine.

ICE BATH: Hit a plunge pool, ice bath or cold shower after intense training sessions. This helps squeeze blood out of the muscles. Exit that cold blast and you immediately feel invigorated with a flood of oxygen-rich blood.

PUSH FORWARD: Avoid the rut of routine. Once people feel like they’ve made progress they tend to plateau or simply maintain. Why settle? Do more with each workout. Try new regimens, exercises, and machines.

TIMING’S EVERYTHING: Are you a morning person? Does a workout after work feel better, longer? How do you know for sure? Experiment with various times until you get it right.

GUESSING GAME: Talk to experts and people in the know. So much time and money is wasted when you assume or guess. Follow the leaders when it comes to exercise. Learn as much as you can about your body to get the most out of your training.

GYM JOURNAL: Acknowledge progress by keeping track of your workouts in a journal or training log. And it’s always helpful going back to see what you did right or wrong.

NO AGE LIMIT: It takes longer to recover after a workout and muscle mass is easier to lose as you age, but knowing this is half the battle. Adapt workouts accordingly. Never let age limit your personal success.

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