Dine Out Guilt-free

Make most of THE menu without stressing over every calorie

By P. J. Ellison

I’ve given up on diets. Don’t get me wrong, I still count every calorie, every carb. Even when dining out, I try to balance healthy with fun choices. It’s easier than you think. Allow me to share a few tricks I keep tucked under my napkin.

Appetizers as Entrée
Sometimes the appetizers are the tastiest, most creative items on a menu. That said, I often order one or two appetizers for both the variety and the portion control.

Halving Portions
Before I order my main dish, I’ll ask the server to place half the dish in a take-out carton. This way I get the satisfaction of cleaning my plate but with only half the calories. Bonus: tomorrow’s lunch is made. Sweet.

Big & Bold
I always seek out the spiciest, boldest, flavour-infused item on the menu. I find that the bigger and bolder the dish, the less I crave other more fattening items on the menu. Bland is boring and leaves you unsated.

Heavy on the Veggies
Now if that big, bold dish comes with a boatload of beautiful vegetables, I’m laughing all the way to the bathroom scale. Veggies aren’t only nutritious and delicious, they fill you up, guilt-free.

Control how much gravy and dressing goes on your food.

Ditch the Drinks
If you’re a teetotaller to begin with, it’s a non-issue. But if you’re like me, a meal without a nice glass of wine is like popcorn without butter. Keywords? One. Nice. Glass.

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