Smarter Snacking

Unchain the refrigerator and let healthy habits rule

By Robert Beauchamps

Binge eaters beware. More to the point: be aware. With every hankering comes the potential for disaster.

Break the Binge

Nothing helps break a bon bon binge like a tall glass of water. Next time you feel a snack attack coming on, drink water. And then drink more water. If you’re still hungry, eat a little something. More often than not, we confuse thirst for hunger pangs.

Keep Snacks Snack-Size

Make each snack a mini meal. Treat it as you would a regular meal, not wolfing down chips with one hand in the bag and the other hand on your computer mouse. Think about what you’re eating. Taste the colour and crispness of those carrots. You’ll feel fuller and less likely to hit up the vending machine for a quick sugary fix.

8 Out of 10 Ain’t Bad

Eat from a balanced menu of fresh, green, non-processed foods for eight days out of 10. For the other two days, stay balanced but for a couple of meals whereby you treat yourself to that slice of pepperoni pizza you’ve been craving all week. Savour every bite, smile. Then get busy to getting back to eight days of seasonal fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein.

Crush the Cravings

If you find yourself face down in a plate of poutine every time life takes a bad turn, try methods of distraction. Sip herbal tea. Head out for a brisk, 15-minute walk. Don’t have time? Brush your teeth. Weird? Yes. But see how appealing a plate of nachos is with a minty fresh mouth.

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