Hair Essentials

Fact versus fiction

By P. J. Ellison

When it comes to healthy hair, everyone has an opinion or fool-proof method. Some claims are so preposterous they’re obviously untrue. What about the claims that actually sound plausible? We’ve asked hair experts, salon owners, and even Grandma to help rinse fiction from fact.

Hair grows faster if regularly cut. Hair is just keratin and dead skin cells. Without nerve endings or blood vessels your hair’s roots have no way to communicate with the ends that have just been cut.

Only a cut can cure split ends. True. Split ends occur when your hair’s cuticle is almost non–existent. This exposes the cortex of your hair, which in turn unravels and causes a frayed end.

Leaving conditioner in overnight is best. Conditioner can only penetrate so deep. There’s a time limit on how effective it will be. That said, leaving it in overnight ensures maximum benefit. Just make sure it’s a quality product.

Washing my hair everyday dries it out. Wash as often as you like. Dryness usually stems from extensive use of hair irons, curlers, and any other treatments involving heat or harsh chemicals. Use vegan products whenever possible.

Colouring my hair during pregnancy is a bad idea. The jury is still out, but most studies seem to point a low risk. To be safe, go for highlights that don’t touch the scalp. Otherwise, seek a professional. Many high-end salons offer ammonia-free, herbal-based dyes that are lead-free.


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