Reduce & Resize

Shrink portions, avoid crash diets

By George M. Withers

You watch what you eat. You even cut back on alcohol intake. So how come that last 10 pounds is so hard to take off? Try a few tricks that don’t involve any fad diets.

Downsize. According to one study, most of us pile plates high and wide until they’re at least three quarters full, regardless of plate size. Using a 7-inch plate in lieu of the old 10-inch platter can cut back as much as 250 to 500 calories.

Be present. Put the cellphone down. Turn off the TV. Distracted meals lead to speedy and heavy meals. Chew and chew some more while thinking about the flavours expressing themselves in your mouth. Meals should be contemplated and not feel like a contest of speed.

Drink water with every meal. Juice and soda doesn’t make you feel full like water does. Try drinking a glass before going out to eat and watch both your appetite and food bill shrink.

Double up on veg. Vegetables contain water and fibre without many calories. Replace half your protein with non-starchy vegetables and feel full longer with half the calories.

Eat more soluble fibre. Fibre-rich foods help keep you sated. Oatmeal, pears, and beans are all quite filling. Soluble fibre also holds more water and this adds bulk while slowing digestion.

Instead of two medium-sized meals and one large meal, try eating five small meals throughout the day. Calories get burned more efficiently and completely. Moreover, you’re never very full and overly lethargic due to a big meal.


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